ApiHappi Oz are proud distributers of Sri Lanka’s finest handmade beanbags in Australia. Our unique and stylish designs are ethically made from 100% handloom cotton, sewn entirely by hand, giving them a vibrant and distinctive look, truly unique character and guaranteed quality.

Definitely Not Factory Produced - The Apihappi Ethos

The ApiHappi dream was to revitalise the art of handloom and empower creative artisans in Sri Lanka by combining fresh ideas with ancient traditions.  We purchase this material from a variety of ethical handloom groups around Sri Lanka. Our comfy pyramid beanbags have been hand crafted in a system of community sourced production, which enables women to earn a living while working from home.

Community Sourced Production is a system we created at ApiHappi which counters the traditional factory production model. Instead of opening up a factory and paying employees minimum wage to churn out products as fast as they can, we have come up with a more innovate solution that serves as a “win, win” for us and our producers. 

The basic meaning of community sourced production is that we train skilled workers to produce our products in their own homes and then we pay them based on the number of products they produce.  This system works well with traditional Sri Lankan culture because it enables women who are staying at home to earn an income while taking care of their families. In many cases this income is greater than what they would get working over 40 hours a week for a large company.